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28 Million Volt Stun Gun


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It's a perfect item to defend yourself from muggers or people think no means yes!

This listing is for a strong 28 million volt taser. It's rechargable. It also has a bright LED light, blind your attack before you shock him/her!

The following states consider stun guns illegal: Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin

The following cities/counties consider stun guns illegal: Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Crawford County, IA; District Of Columbia; Philadelphia, PA

Continental USA only

We offer FREE replacement for any items that were damaged, or lost during your act of self defense, just send over a copy of the police report and I'll send you a FREE replacement. (Exact item or similar if out of stock/discontinued). See our Free Replacement Program page for details.

By purchasing this product you are agreeing that you are at the legal age of 16 or 18+ (depending on your state) to order and own this product. Don't forget to check your local and state laws before carrying this product around. Meow Defense is not liable for any injuries resulting from misuse or anything else once this product has reached its destination. This is NOT a toy.

Marketplace users: If you order this item and want it shipped to a place that it is illegal, I will not ship it and charge a 10% service fee in order to refund.

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