Shipping only to the continental U.S. (48 states). Use "pawtect" for 10% off any order! <3


Business hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm (PST). Any orders made after 5pm, will not be processed until the following business day.

When do you reply to emails?

All emails are replied to within 2 business days. 

Do you offer international shipping?

I only ship to the 48 states of the Continental U.S. (Some products are unable to ship to certain states. These restrictions will be in the description of the item so please read up! <3) This is due to the fact that I cannot ship over seas. Also many countries either consider most, if not all, of my self defense weapons illegal. To top that off, customs usually confiscate packages like mine. Sorry!

When do you ship out packages?  How long does it take for my package to arrive?

I ship out packages about three to five business days. I ship via USPS First Class. If you would like a faster shipping service, please visit our contact page to send me an email! 

How does the free replacements work?

If you have lost or damaged your products in an act of self defense, I offer free replacements for any self defense product. See our "free replacements" tab on the bottom right of the page.

Are the items I want to order illegal in my state?

All items have a restriction list, if any. Just remember that although it is legal to ship and own, it might not be legal to conceal carry. Because there are so many laws that are constantly changing, it is primarily up to you to figure out if it is legal or not.

Why does this specific product say it's unable to be shipped to my state but lets me add it to my cart?  Can you ship it to me anyways?

The way my website is set up, I am unable to put shipping restrictions per state. That is why I always stress to please read the description of the items. I am unable to ship items that I know are illegal. It would be considered a felony to do so. If you order a single item that is illegal, I will email you asking what you want to do with your balance and wait a week for a reply. If there is no reply, I will refund your order. If you would just like to cancel the order instead, I can always give a refund. Please read the description before purchasing.