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About Us

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Meow Defense is a Latina-owned, small business founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Our goals are to offer inexpensive self defense weapons, along with occasional giveaways for those who need but don't have the means. We are also here to stress the importance of carrying weapons for men and women. Tips on usage of different weapons are posted on our Instagram page. Most importantly, to inspire young women, like myself, to become the fiercest version of themselves.

I also offer free replacements. Higher power forbid anything ever happens to you, but if something does and your self defense items get lost or broken, just send a copy of the police report and I'll send ya some replacements.

Build up strength, learn to fight with a great technique if you don't want to purchase weapons but please always remember that if you do buy any products from my site that they are not toys. Either weapons or a home collection for aesthetic pleasure. Please LEARN to use weapons and have easy access to them when you're out and about.

Stay cute, stay safe!!